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Tuesday, 16-Dec-2008 15:09 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Unforgotten Memories...

London 2008
hmmm u want to order?
berlagak macho.. aiya
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Assalamualaikum Semua.. Apa kabar?

ni syifa saja nak isikan post ni.. amboi da lama giler... and im soooo tired to listen to tasya bebeling me all day long to make a post, shes sitting next to me write now watching me type this up.. ok2 da crazy da.. hehehe.. and btw her laptop is slowww n she only has paintshop, talk about being modern with macromedia freehand,,, so instead i will use a different machine.. huhuu. ok shes tumbukin in me now.. .. Shes hungry i understand. telling me when were going back to my chamber too cook foood alhaiii.. k2 la..

Anyway just want to share again some kenangan i had on the previous times with kawan2 sejati.. harapnya jangan la bagi comment yg merosakan minda aku.. da la merepek sudah..

Oh i miss my frens so much it makes my heart ache.... huhuhuh..

k2 la.. nak continue editing.. soo stuffy in here so many people around us doing there work,. PHD, MASTERS.. and me? just a first year messing around doing pictures..... apa la nasib aku nie..

ok2 enough picture from Now, ehehe!

Wassalam semua.. xxx

ps: all picture are at random order coz i really cant organise it using the foropage, k2 la merepek,,

Saturday, 2-Feb-2008 18:25 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Keadaan Yang Sebenarnya! Chewah!

Poteng Kelas, pergi main di park!
Party2.. yeah2..
Cute nyer diorg!
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Terima Kasih Untuk semua comment nya so far.. Please,, no fighting,, and please jus try to get along.. syif bukanya nak brag or to boast my pictures,, but just to share the kenangan I had that Are Wonderfull In my life,, so please again try to be nice!

Yg mula kan salah, yang balas pun tak baik, even though u r trying to stick up to me, matter yang personal please consult it straight to me, no need to hide behind the bush(adam)..

Anyway here are some pictures I had with my frenssss..

Lovely kenangan,, Lovely Frends…

Love u all..

Wassalam. XxXX

Wednesday, 23-Jan-2008 00:51 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Birthday Surprise

Sayang Firah,, Muahz
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Hmm fotopage, Seems cool,, People been telling me to make one, so now here it is,, ntah nak cakap apa.. hehehe..

Ni First gamba2 masa take on my Birthday. Terima Kasih Firah,, Cayang2... XOXO...

And thank u to all my dearest Frends,, I duno wat im goin to do without my family in college, This year da berlalu cepat, hari2 makin tipis... I miss u guys alredy,,, Salam Sayang...



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